Introducing micromate

I have just finished work on micromate. This is a small utility (firefox/flock extension) to aid in the insertion of HTML/BBcode/microformats into textboxes.

It should work in any textarea/text input (such as wordpress/blogger html code editing tabs) with the following:

1) Keywords: type a specific keyword, hit the shift key and microformat code will be inserted in its place. For example geo+shift will put <span class=”geo”><span class=”latitude”></span><span class=”longitude”></span></span> in it’s place.

2) Autocomplete: type basic html or BBcode into a text area and it will autocomplete. For example type <a and it will autocomplete to <a href=”"></a>

3) Text select: select text you have typed into a text area and a html/BBCode/microformat menu will hover just below your selection. Select the code tags/attributes to be automatically inserted before/after your selection.

Please refer to the pdf keyword cheatsheet.

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Latest Version

micromate 0.0.4


Keyword pdf